Womens Wrestling Entertainment

Womens Wrestling Entertainment

♚ a b o u t ♚
x. Womens Wrestling Entertainment is the largest company for women's wrestling in the world. With Superstars from all over the world competing each week to be the best.
♚ s c h e d u l e d ♚
x. Monday - Three matches
x. Thursday - Three matches
x. Last Sunday of each month - Five matches
♚ t a k e n . c h a r a c t e r s ;♚
x. Stephanie McMahon - @Jet-Black-Fart

♚ r u l e s ♚
x. You win matches by other people voting for your character, not commenting yourself.
x. You can only vote once in a match, and for only one of the superstars.
x. Face claims must be approved by mod, and if someone already has the face claim you want, please pick another.
x. You MUST make a introduction set for your character and tag @jet-black-fart in it.
x. You can use anyone of the face claims on the roster for OC characters (ie. Brie Bella can have a OC's info)
x. We do not need more drama on this site, so please play nice with all other members.
x. If you cannot participate, please message me and I'll put you on break.
x. If you read the rules, put a X beside your name in the application.

♚ l i n k s ; ♚
x. Application -
x. Roster (check first) -
x. Match Master Collection -
x. Championships -

It's A Wrestling World

It's A Wrestling World

A place for ALL wrestling sets. WWE, ROH, PWG, NJPW, TNA, ect are all welcome -even your original wrestling characters! As long as it has to do with wrestling, it's fine :) There will be contests!